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In our e-brochures can can find an overview of what The Three Corners Company stands for.
The Hotelguide gives you an insight in all our hotels and our concepts.
The Corporate brochure is a deeper approach to the working and organisation of our company.
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New attraction in El Gouna »

New in El Gouna is the Sliders Cable Park, one of the world's largest cable water parks. The Park is a complete watersports complex of 90000m2 and is aimed at waterskiers, wakeboarders and wakeskaters to practise and perfect their technique...

News from Egypt »

We are delighted to announce that TTC Hotels & Resorts were again rewarded for its quality by different organizations. Put together, an impressive list of resorts that were granted a Certificate of Excellence...

News from Budapest »

Teams from our The Three Corners hotels in Budapest took a part in the 21st K&H Mozdulj! Marathon and Half-Marathon Relay the 15th of June. The organisation is done by K&H, a subsidiary of the Belgian KBC Bank in Hungary.