Belgian Hospitality Issue March 2012
Rihana Resort features in an international video clip
Our The Three Corners hotels in El Gouna hosted before famous guests, but when the entire crew and cast of an international video clip picks Rihana Resort to shoot their footage and even decides to include it in some of their scenes, people take extra notice...
L.t.r. choreographer Dirk Deweghe, DJ J. Nice
and dancer Kris Loix
Rehearsal at the laguna beach from Rihana Resort
The story reads like a fairy tale: soon after Jurgen Loyens, the CEO of La Bonita, commissioned a 3-minute song to be used in a short, 5-second commercial for his premixed cocktails, the song started to draw the attention of several international record labels. When it became apparent that the song, written by DJ Michael Fall, might become a summer hit, the La Bonita team decided to shoot a video clip for it. Unfortunately, as the American singer, who did all of the vocals, wasn't too keen on being on TV, PR consultant Dirk Vandereyken contacted his friends and colleagues in the United States in order to find a new singer. Just days later, Dirk got an enthusiastic call from talent agent Cheryl Murphy that one of her stars, DJ J. Nice, would gladly lend his face and voice to the video and song. Even more amazingly, DJ J Nice's best friend, the famous rap singer Fatman Scoop, told him he wanted to take care of some of the vocals as well!
The ball started to roll: Dirk wrote the video clip script and open auditions were organized in order to find 12 great dancers - some of which former So You Think You Can Dance finalists - to join the creative team in Egypt, where the video clip would be shot.
Rihana Resort received this 'star dozen' and their production crew with open arms. No effort was spared in order to make them feel welcome. Every day the dancers enlivened the Rihana Peanuts Bar and the entire group even performed at the Ocean View Peanuts Bar, only hours before they had to get on the plane to return to Belgium! Led by dance choreographer Dirk Deweghe, directed by DOP Luc Martens and with some help of Dirk Vandereyken and with Jurgen's girlfriend Vanessa, starring as La Bonita, the group proved itself as a great addition to our guests. Moreover, awardwinning actor Mohamed Karim flew in from Cairo in order to play in the video as well. His presence didn't go unnoticed, as a lot of our Egyptian guests immediately recognized Mohamed and came up to him to ask for autographs. Styled by Evi Gaudius and Kim Van Houtte, nothing was left to chance.
Expect to hear a lot more about the La Bonita video clip soon! Editing is going on and the video features several locations our guests should be able to recognize instantly, such as our swimming pools, a room at the Ocean View and the oasis.
Party at sea, but, only for the movie Shooting at the pool of Ocean View
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