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Find out more about our Green Initiatives
Sustainable Goals
Embrace Diversity
Support Innovation
Support Local Businesses
Maintain Heritage
Reduce Waste
Think of the Future
Sustainability Goals
We manage our hotels and resorts responsibly in order to keep the economic and social impact positive.
Embracing our Social Footprint
We are committed to help and preserve the traditions and values of our local community and to contribute to the development of local businesses. Diversity within the workplace is important and we value all our employees and embrace their natural diversity. We encourage flexible working practices, focusing on the importance of a well-balanced work-life-family relation. We are a family business, and this is a fact we never lose sight of. We strive to provide a safe working environment at all our hotels with a quality maintenance and training programs which benefits both the teams and guests. Our team is very enthusiastic and encouraged to make this happen. We as The Three Corners Family are actively supporting local communities.
Think of the Future
We are proud of our sustainable and green initiatives to which all our guests are able contribute.
Reducing our Ecological Footprint
To preserve the precious environment around our hotels and resorts we moderate the use of energy and natural resources, we are reducing our waste and recycling where possible, we make efforts to conserve and maintain our heritage and last but not least we support innovation. We promote our actions across our destinations and we encourage all employees to reduce waste, minimize use of chemicals and detergent, reuse supplies, and recycle in the most ecological and creative way. All our hotels are working to meet environmental and sustainable goals and several of our hotels have been awarded for their continuous drive and efforts.
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Green Hotel Certifications
We are a Partner of Green Star Hotel, Travelife and HRS Green Stay initiative.
What does it mean?
Our properties are responsible for monitoring and minimizing environmental impacts through energy, water, waste, hazardous materials and biodiversity. We comply with all labour rights and treat our staff fairly. We are proactive when it comes to supporting the local community. This includes things like giving information to guests about respecting the local way of life, ensuring they do not hinder community access to important resources and services and supporting local charity or community improvement initiatives.
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