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Spring events in Budapest
Experience Budapest In Its Bloom
Boat Cruises
Be it a sunset stroll, a party, a candlelit dinner or a sightseeing cruise along the River Danube. We well know what to offer. If you are on a budget remember that boats are also used as public transport in Budapest. Relax as you pass by some of the city's most notable landmarks.
City of Spas
Budapest is nicknamed the 'City of Spas' with over a dozen thermal baths in the city. Széchenyi is the city's most visited bathhouse. One of the oldest baths, built by the Ottoman rule between 16th and 17th century, are still used today.
Day-trip to Szentendre
The most popular day-trip destination from Budapest, by boat, bike, train, bus or car. Szentendre offers contemporary galleries, historic churches and waterfront strolls. Hungary’s not the only country where artisanal marzipan is made, but definitely the only one to have a Marzipan Museum with life-size marzipan Michael Jackson and Princess Diana statues.
Hans Zimmer Concert
In summer 2023, two-time Oscar winner Hans Zimmer will return to Europe with his highly acclaimed tour. On the day of the international announcement of the concert series, it was revealed that the artist will perform at the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena on 5 June 2023 at 20:00.
Romantic Surprise
A bottle of sparkling wine, flower patterns all around your room & our signature cheesecake?
Check out our Surprise in Budapest for only 24 EUR
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